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The stock market is one of the most popular financial markets. This market is available to every trader and is gaining popularity due to CFDs – Contracts for Difference. CFDs allow you to make money on the change in the value of shares without actually buying or selling them.

Key features of the stock market

1. Stocks trading is tied to specific exchanges, with their own working hours.

2. Investing in stocks, you can earn in two ways: on the growth of their value, as well as on its fall.

3. Traders do not need to physically own shares in order to profit from changes in their quotes.

Trading stocks with NorthProfit, you get free access to real-time share quotes of the world's largest companies.

Unlimited profit opportunities

With us you can invest in the securities of world companies. Each trader has the opportunity to make a profit even with minor fluctuations in the rate, since CFD trading is carried out using leverage. However, do not forget that with a higher profit potential, the risk increases.

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24/7 customer support

You can get answers to questions related to trading around the clock, from Monday to Friday.


Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit is $ 250, so you can buy a share or create an investment portfolio.


Account registration

Within a few minutes you can open a trading account, go through verification, and start trading stocks.