Why indices are so popular

By trading indices, you have the opportunity to invest in the world’s leading financial markets without having to analyze the stocks of particular companies.

Trade Indices with NorthProfit

A stock index is a certain average value of a group of shares included in it. The change in the index over time allows you topredict the general direction of the market movement, as well as to make money on these movements. Investing in this trading instrument with us, you get access to a wide selection from a list of the best indices:

Dow Jones (US30Cash)

Consists of the shares of the 30 largest US companies and shows the overall health of their economies.

Nasdaq (USTECHCash)

A well-known American index that combines the shares of the most high-tech companies.

S&P 500 (US500Cash)

An index compiled by the S&P Global agency, which includes the 500 US companies with the largest capital.

Advantages of trading indices

Index trading is a relatively secure form of trading with integrated fund management. The risks of trading indices are always lower than the risks of investing in individual stocks.
  • Enter both long and short positions
  • Enjoy long trading hours
  • Diversify your trading portfolio

Key factors affecting index prices


Financial statements of profit


Economic reports


Political instability


Natural disasters